Buy-Low Wholesale Australia
Giving you the best at unbeatable prices

Buy-Low Wholesales Australia is a company dealing in wholesale, imports and exports of consumer based products. Based in Sydney, we service the majority of Australia's main discount stores and numerous owner operators.

We offer a unique, normally inaccessible channel of product distribution.
We have the resources to purchase and store large volumes of stock.

DIAL and WHITE CARE are just some of the companies whose products are exclusively available from Buy-Low Wholesale Australia.

We constantly look to expand our product range and believe in friendly business relationships. With more than 10 years of experience combined with extensive product knowledge, the Buy-Low Wholesales team is equipped to assist manufacturers and brand owners in the redistribution of any products.

We, at Buy-Low Wholesales, welcome any enquiries that you might have and are always available to discuss business ventures. We are committed to providing a strong business partnership.


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